Have you ever gone into a store and purchased nothing more than what was on your shopping list? Do you own items you never use? Have clothes in your closet with the tags still on them? You might not be the minimalist. The lifestyle of a minimalist is becoming increasingly more popular. From minimalist homes to minimalist office spaces, and then on to minimalist traveling. Less is more in this mindset, so here’s how you can get more out of your travels with a lighter suitcase.

Take What You Need

Say goodbye to the things that distract you from getting the most out of your trip. If you want to gain value from your travels, engage in the culture and landscape surrounding you, you’ll have to leave a few things behind. To truly travel like a minimalist, only take what you need.

This is the standard mindset of a minimalist. They will always find a way to live with less. Perhaps leave some of your electronics at home and really take the time to enjoy nature.

Reuse What You Bring

Think of external items you want to take with you because you think you need them, Then go through this list and remove some of your possessions. For example, if you are camping out of state, you don’t want to travel with numerous bags and gear. Ditch the cot and sleep on the floor. Forgo the extra 3 pairs clothes and wash what you wear in a nearby creek or river. The sun will naturally dry your clothes and you’ll have a fresh, clean outfit for another day. You will find a wide range of freedom in packing less.

The Minimalist Rule

Traveling like a minimalist is easier said than done. You may think you’ll need a gadget, pack it, and end up never using it during your trip. The Minimalists have a great rule to help avoid this: If you are capable of purchasing that item for under $20 and your access to purchasing that item is less than 20 miles away, don’t pack it! If you end up really needing that item, you can go buy it.

In today’s culture, its becoming more and more popular to live like a minimalist. In your travels whether it be backpacking, hiking, camping with your family, or traveling to a new place, you can pack like a minimalist. To truly get the most of your your trip, you have to remember that less is sometimes more!