They say that you should never combine business with pleasure, but what they don’t mention is the exception to that rule. Bringing business to the golf course is a way to lighten the load and have fun while talk strategy. Most of the time businessmen have a reputation of being workaholics that don’t know when to leave their desks and actually have some fun. While there are mixed options on the topic of mixing golf with business, here are a few pros as to why the two go hand in hand.

Building Closer Relationships

Some close relationships in business surprisingly form at the country club during numerous days spent on the green. Golf outings are a great way for businessmen to get to know each other and build relationships off of that foundation.

Forming relationships–any sort of relationship, but business especially– takes time and effort. Golf is a quick outlet to building business relationships on a much easier scale. Men can spend hours on the golf course and during that time, conversations are had, personalities shine through, and thus relationships form. A round of golf takes time to get through the course and during that time golf almost embraces itself in it’s own culture.

Through a nice day on the golf course, you can make great friends, and even better business relationships.

Networking Opportunities

A 2016 study shows that 92% of business executives use golf as a mean to make connections. Additionally, that study revealed that 90% of Fortune 500 CEOs play golf. That’s an extremely high percentage of businessmen out on the golf course, which drastically increases the amount of networking opportunities out there.

Golf can allow you to make the right business connections, spend time with clients or even associates, and an opportunity to get in a new business deal. Golf allows personalities to shine through. If a player cheats in golf or seems to have a temper, you easily know who you can stay away from in terms of doing business.

Stress Relieving

We all know that exercise has many benefits to your health. Golf is no exception to that. Golfing is a great way to get exercise and even reduce your stress. That’s why a day on the golf course is a great business meeting setting rather than a business meal over a small table in a stuffy restaurant. Golf is a great opportunity to ease the mood of the meeting for a low-stress business deal. Not only will you be doing your health a favor, but your business as well.