Anyone can get out on the green with a club or driver in hand, but without practice and knowledge, the swing is no good. Golf is a great sport for business, friendships and family outings. Whether you have a love of a the sport and consider yourself a pro, or you’re just starting out, remember these basics of a good golf swing. Here are a few tips for you the next time you tee off.

Basic Balance

You would that think balancing is merely standing on both of your legs without falling over. However, it’s not that simple. Your balance plays a major role in your swing.

Where you stand on your heels and your toes will have an impact on your hands holding the club as you swing. Practice a few swings with your body weight evenly spread over your feet. The first thing you need to have a good swing is an even balance, otherwise your body will try to overcompensate in your arms and hands as you swing.

Even Power

Once you get your general balance down, you’ll want to work on evening out your power when you swing. Utilize the power from your body so that you give force to your swing. However, you also want some of the power to come from your chest and shoulders  in terms of control. Your body gives the force to drive the ball while your chest and shoulders give the control the club needs to direct the ball. Avoid using your hands to control the golf club as this is what creates inconsistency among swings.

Find Your Speed

Find the right tempo for your swing. You don’t want to swing to fast or you’ll have inconsistent weight shifts, causing the ball not to go as far as it could or even in the direction you want it to. Finding the right speed is essential to a good swing. With the right tempo, your body weight can shift as needed throughout the swing to provide the right amount of force.

Have Fun

Unless you’re one of the pros and you’re in a tournament, try playing just for fun. A relaxed round of golf removes the pressure of getting a low score. Without a competitive mindset, you’re giving yourself a more relaxed swing, which you’ll find you probably swing better under this circumstance. If you don’t have fun when you play golf, why play?