Summer months are an exciting time because the southeast wind blows green water along the Texas gulf coast. This means that wade fishermen line up for surf fishing. That’s because they want to catch different species of fish among the beaches green water. Learn what to do to safely to join the dawn patrol to bring in your own surf fishing haul.

Plan the Trip

Sign up in fishing forums and keep checking for southeast winds. These should stay around for a few days because they’re supposed to bring green water. They need to calm down, and high or incoming tide should bring fish to the surf. Check the weather forecast, wave height and tide chart predictions. The fishing forums can be a big help, and link up to the Galveston weather forecast and surf cams.


Surf fishers are looking for clearer water and about two to three feet of visibility. Sandy green is ideal, and this actually appears early and often in weather patterns. Don’t go fishing when there are waves to jump. Just wait for a better day because this makes surf fishing dangerous.

What to Wear

Surf fishing can be a bit demanding because anything loose can fall off, and it sometimes feels like the fisher is getting pulled in. This means to dress carefully. Wear darkly colored lightweight pants made of a blend and a light fishing shirt. Put on a hat, polarized sunglasses and use a strapped wading box.

Where to Fish

Surf fishing locales are located just about anywhere on the gulf coast. The areas between Galveston, Lake Jackson, San Luis Pass, Galveston Seawall and East Bach all have plenty of beaches. Look for submerged rocks, jetties, washouts, rock groins and underwater depressions.

How to Fish

Since fish love to cruise the surf until early morning hours, get situated before daylight. It pays to cast fans diagonally into a gut, and then sling them as far as possible towards the horizon. Let the lure sink before slowly bringing it in. Once the sun starts to rise, sinking plugs, weighted jigs and soft plastics work well.

While it’s tempting to go solo, bring a fishing buddy along. Additionally, wearing a life jacket and watching for sharks, stingrays and jelly fish is advisable.