If you’re a tennis player, you want to be in the best possible condition when it is time for your next match or tournament. The last thing any tennis player wants to do is to pull something during a game or practice due to not being properly stretched. Here are some of the top stretches that can help you prepare for your next match to help prevent an injury and add longevity to your tennis career.

Forearm and Shoulder Pulls

One of the most basic, yet essential stretches is the forearm and shoulder pull. This stretch will help prepare your arms, one of the most important parts of tennis. One of the worst injuries a tennis player can sustain is an arm injury and it can cause permanent damage to your body and tennis career.

To do this stretch correctly, wrap one of your arms around the front of your body. With your arm at neck height you will want to hold your elbow with your opposite hand and pull your arm to your body. You will then have to switch sides afterwards to properly stretch both sides.

Leg Stretches

Another exercise that is important to tennis is stretching your legs out. This will help prevent pulled muscles or even ligament tears. These will come in handy due to a large part of tennis being the ability to be agile around the court. There have been numerous tennis stars that have injured their leg muscles during games.

To do this, you simply have to balance yourself and stand on one foot, “flamingo style.” With the leg you aren’t using to stand, pull it back as far as you can against your back. Hold this for 30 seconds, then repeat with the other leg.

In Closing…

These two stretches are quite basic, but will help you prepare for a tennis practice or match and help prevent overexertion injuries. Even pros such as Roger Federer and Venus and Serena Williams use these stretches to help prepare themselves for games and practices. There are a wide variety of other tennis stretches available that we have not covered in this article. While not as advanced, these stretches we have covered will help out with keeping you in great shape for future games to come.