For anyone who’s ever taken a rod and thrown it in water, you’ve been fishing. While some might think that fishing is one standard sport, there are actually many aspects to this outdoor activity. No matter if it’s your hobby, profession, or something you want to try, there are many different types of fishing. Fly fishing, freshwater fishing, saltwater fishing, and deep sea fishing. This guide below will highlight tips for beginners who are interesting in deep sea fishing.

Throwing a line into saltwater at the beach or on a dock doesn’t make you a deep sea fisherman. For anyone who’s ever seen Deadliest Catch or Shark Men, you have a very media-biased knowledge of the sport and profession.

Deep sea fishing is considered to be in open saltwater with at least 30 meters in depth of more. This allows anglers to catch larger fish that aren’t found in shallower waters. In any coastal state, deep sea fishing offers sport, competition, or even a career. Fish like Mahi Mahi and Marlin are caught either for sporting competitions or for food.  

You don’t have to own a boat to go deep sea fishing. Many anglers who want to get their lines in the water without paying the costly price of owning a boat rent a charter boats. Fishing charter companies offer planned trips to take people saltwater fishing. Texas has great fishing trips off of the Gulf of Mexico for various skill-leveled anglers.

A popular deep sea fishing trip is based on . This is when anglers go bottom fishing. Bottom fishing is when you are fishing at the bottom of the sea floor for catches such as Grouper which are a classic ocean floor fish.

Another deep sea fishing method in Texas is trolling. One of the main factors that draws anglers to trolling is the amount of area covered in a short amount of time. While this allows anglers to cover a larger area of water, the one thing that plagues anglers is seaweed. A common frustration in the Gulf of Mexico is seaweed getting stuck in the line and forcing fishermen to reel it in, clear the line, and cast more bait. Most trolling is aiming to catch King Mackerel, Bonito, Dorado, and a few others that are attracted to trolling bait. Some anglers will even chum the water to attract larger fish.

Although there are many types and techniques to deep sea fishing, understanding the overarching concept is important for anyone looking to get into this hobby or sport.