While November bodes tailgating and intense football games that fans rave about, tennis fans are gearing up for the 2018 season starting with the Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP) World Tour accompanied with many other Cups and Tournaments. Whether you’re a fan of the sport or not, there are common misconceptions about tennis and today, we debunk those discrepancies with the truth.

You Have to Be Rich to Play Tennis

It’s often assumed that tennis is an expensive sport to play. Although paying for club fees and new equipment may put a dent in your wallet, you’re going to run into that with every other sport you play as well. Of course, having a tennis court in your backyard sounds like an extravagant concept, but you can actually play tennis anywhere. You don’t have to build your own tennis court or even pay to play at top rated courts. Gyms and community areas have tennis courts for a small price — or even for free!

Tennis is Serious and Boring

During a tennis match, the crowed must stay quiet in order for the players to achieve ultimate focus. From the intenseness of tennis matches comes the vibe that both tennis and tennis players are too serious, making people believe that tennis is boring.

On the contrary to those beliefs, tennis is a fun, active sport that encourages friendship, business opportunities, and more. Television displays tennis players as serious, committed athletes. Professionals like Sam Querrey and Serena Williams are plagued with a serious persona while both on and off the court, they know how to have fun.  

Tennis is an Easy Sport

Most sports require multiple teammates while tennis can be played in single matches or in teams of two people on each side of the court. A common misconception is that tennis doesn’t require teamwork, and therefore is an easy sport to learn because your skills only rely on one person — yourself. However, teamwork is vital to players during 4-person matches.

Tennis is not a sport where “natural talent” and good genetics makes for a great player. Skilled tennis players have put in countless hours of practice to perfect their technique in the game. The fundamentals of playing tennis require focus, balance, and general skills for keeping the ball in play.

Whether you play the sport or not, Tennis is an intense sport that should be taken just as serious as other sports out there. Just like any other sport, time, skill, and technique are necessary for a good game.