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Stephen Geri Top Fishing Kayaks

Top 3 Fishing Kayaks for Any Budget

In Texas, lake fishing is widely popular but every fisherman knows that sometimes you have to get out on the water for a good bite. That’s when kayaks and canoes come in handy. Some fishermen prefer canoes for their stability, and due to the ability of having more than one person on board. Canoes are also useful for teaching children or grandchildren to fish. However, the trend in fishing lately has been kayaks, and for good reason. Here’s a collected list of the top fishing kayaks, no matter your budget.

Jackson Cruise Angler: $999 to $1,200

The Jackson cruise angler comes in two versions, the Cruiser Angler 10 and the Cruiser Angler 12, given the numbers based on the length (10 ft or 12ft). In any kayak, a longer length provides faster speed. The Cruise Angler 12 comes with all the bells and whistles a fisherman could possibly want. The adjustable seat made with a mesh fabric allows you to sit both comfortably and securely. This kayak is perfect for lakes and rivers, making it an overall fisherman’s choice. You’ll even have the stability to stand when necessary if you’re reeling in a big catch.

If you’re looking for plenty of storage, comfortable seating and a high quality kayak for a great price, you definitely want to check out a Jackson cruise.

Feelfree Move Angler: $499.99

This is a very versatile kayak for any fisherman with a tight budget. The Feelfree brand has plenty of great fishing kayaks, but the Move angler is the cheapest you’ll find. It is a smaller kayak, making it a great fishing kayak for kids. Anyone just starting out in the sport of fishing from a kayak should use the Move angler to learn the ropes. If you’re a tall fisherman and the Move is just too small for you, Feelfree also has a larger, yet still affordable kayak – the Feelfree Moker 10.

Ocean Kayak Tetra 12: $699-950

For a small to medium build, the Ocean kayak Tetra 10 will do just fine. However, for maximum efficiency on the water, the 12 is top choice. Although it’s long in length, it’s still an easily transported kayak. Given the brand name, you know you can use this kayak in freshwater lakes, rivers or in the ocean. The center console on the Tetra 12 offers a modular fishing pod, giving anglers ample amount of room. This is a great fishing kayak for Texas as lakes and ocean fishing are widely popular.

Stephen Geri on Sergio Garcia

Sergio Garcia After the Masters and onto the US Open Golf

It’s no understatement to say that Sergio Garcia inspired golf players all over the world both professionally and lovers of the sport when he became champion of this year’s golf Masters. For more than 18 years in his professional career, Garcia has seen many ups and downs on his journey to 2017 where he would take the victory at the Masters. Now after the Masters, Garcia is chasing more glory as he goes into the U.S. Open on June 15th.

The Erin Hill’s layout will be his biggest challenge since the Masters. Garcia states that this year is his year and he hopes to continue his drive and motivation. Reeling in his focus now more than ever, Sergio Garcia hopes to become one of the few to win back to back titles at both the Masters and the U.S. Open.

At 37 years old, Sergio has had a pretty decent year. Early in 2017, he announced on his Twitter that he would marry former college golfer, Angela Akins. Although this Spaniard golfer hasn’t always had the best relationship with those who pay to watch him golf in the United States, he overcame his reputation of being “moody” and listening too intently to the crowd. At Augusta National, Garcia quickly became the fan favorite, gaining his first major title from competitor Justin Rose.

On the green in Wisconsin, Erin Hill’s will hold 2017’s U.S. Open. Before the Masters, Sportsline predicted the outcome with incredible accuracy. For the U.S. Open, the week of the tournament will tell how well their predictions will stand. Unlike Garcia’s confidence, Sportsline believes Garcia will take top 6, but no victory.

With skeptics not on his side, Sergio Garcia is determined to prove them wrong at this year’s U.S. Open, striving for another victory. This is not at all impossible, but is extremely rare. Within the last 44 years, the only men to ever receive victory titles at both the Masters and the U.S. Open consecutively are Tiger Woods (2002) and Jordan Spieth (2015).

Perhaps it’s an 18 year long professional career that’s loomed over Garcia’s shoulder, as he was long a professional player without a major. In the upcoming U.S. Open, Garcia feels he has much to prove.


Best Lures for Texas Lake Fishing

Everyone knows the saying “everything’s bigger in Texas”, but are the fish? Whether you consider yourself an angler or just have a love for the sport and being out on the water, here are a few great lures you should keep stocked in your tackle box.


Jigging is a type of fishing with a lure called a “jig”. As the jig goes through the water, it creates a jagged, vertical motion. Many fishermen would argue that jigs are the most versatile lure to use, making them widely popular. Jigs are fairly productive and light bait.

Many jigs can be made from lead or tungsten, giving the lure it’s weight. They come in many colors such as metallic or natural for example. The color choice for jigs and all lures in general will depend on the type of water and fishing conditions.


Crankbaits are great for bass fishing because they are made for various depths of the water. The three water level crankbaits are specifically designed for are shallow, medium and deep water. Although you can use this type of lure year round, your best chances of catching bass with a crankbait are late spring, summer and early fall.


As many fishermen believe jigs to be the most versatile, others will argue spinners are the best because they can be used in any season and almost any water condition. Spinnerbait glides through the water in a horizontal motion. The metal on the spinner mimics the motion of small fish bait and attracts the larger fish, mostly bass in this case.  

Deep Diving Crank

As mentioned before, crankbaits are made for various water depths. Deep diving crankbaits get down to where the fish are and work well for easy bites. Deep cranking technique is different than shallow cranking which most fishermen are used to. The longer the cast using deep crankbait, the more time it has to dive. Another tip when using deep diving crankbait is to change the hooks every now and then to ensure they’re not dull.

Finesse Worm

There is much debate on whether or not “real” fishermen should use the finesse worm because it’s a fake worm, but many fish with this bait regularly. Some fishing techniques use a finesse worm as bait on top of other lures. For example, you can use a finesse worm and a jig. The old styles that always do the trick with finesse worms are the Texas rig worms and the “wacky rig”.


Stephen Geri Safe Fishing

Safe Fishing is Smart Fishing

San Antonio, Texas is home to a myriad of lakes and rivers, abundantly stocked as a fisherman dreams. Some of the best fishing spots in Texas are settled in the suburbs of San Antonio. You won’t have a hard time finding a place to fish. Fishing can be enjoyable and relaxing, but you always want to be cautious and follow standard safety tips.

Basic Boat Safety:

Never get your boat in the water without a first-aid kit. You never know if an unfortunate event would happen, and it’s best to be prepared. Fishing hooks as well as other tools are dangerously sharp. It’s not uncommon that fishermen get hooks stuck in their body. With a stocked first-aid kit, you can prepare to handle an emergency if anything happens while you fish.

Weather Watch:

In a recent blog of mine, I wrote about how to fish in unfavorable weather conditions. Mother nature can be cruel to fisherman, both on land and out at sea. Use standard fishing safety rules and don’t fish in harsh weather. For example, your fishing rod is made of metal. No one should be fishing in a thunderstorm. Plus, if you’re in a boat on a lake, river or on the sea, you’re in danger. Always play it safe when fishing and keep track of the forecast.

Gators in Guadalupe:

Alligators are no strangers to Texas, in fact, it’s not uncommon to spot on in this state. The American Alligator population in Texas has grown since being removed from the endangered species list in 1987, to a conservative estimate of 500,000.

This time last year, in May of 2016, an alligator was spotted by kayakers in the Guadalupe River, just outside of San Antonio. Although gators are not common in the surrounding San Antonio area, if your fishing outings stray closer to the coast, be cautious of the alligators that are much more common to those areas. If you do spot a gator, keep your distance. Whether you’re on land or in a boat, you don’t want to scare the alligator, which could cause an uproar. 

Safe fishing is smart fishing. No matter if you fish for the sport or fish for pure passion of the hobby, be smart in your actions and you’ll ensure yourself a safe fishing trip.

5 Ways Good Footwork Improves Your Tennis Game


Tennis is a challenging sport to master. The are a number of skills necessary to be a good tennis player, and one of the most important is footwork. Far too many players overlook the importance of footwork and instead focus on perfecting one or two shots. But the key to making your shots effective is getting yourself in a good position to hit them. The majority of a tennis game involves movement, and your practice should reflect this. Here are five ways that practicing footwork helps improve your tennis game:

1) It gives you more shot options

When you improve your footwork, you gain more flexibility of shot choice because you get into position earlier and with more accuracy. As a result, you can decide which stance to use when you play the shot, whether it’s open stance, closed stance, neutral, or any other stance. You can also choose where to play the shot and what stroke to use. Without mastering footwork, you will have fewer choices available to you and may execute whichever shot you choose poorly.

2) You have greater shot power

Improving your footwork skills allows your shots to have much greater power. This is because getting to the ball and getting set in a good position gives you the chance to hit the ball using as many body parts as you can. If you don’t have good footwork and therefore don’t get into position early, you’ll most likely hit the ball off-balance or you’ll just use your arm.

3) You can stay in points longer

Your agility, your balance and your coordination will all get better when you improve your footwork. These aspects are all critical to being a better tennis player. You will increase your ability to get to the balls, and this will lead your opponent to play more shots than they expected to. This gives your opponent more chances to miss and increases your chances of winning.

4) You’ll make fewer errors

One of the biggest benefits of improving your footwork is reduced error. It has been stated that as much as 70 percent of unforced errors occur because of poor footwork. Improving your footwork could reduce your errors by 7 out of 10.

5) Improved court speed and fitness

Your tennis speed and fitness go hand-in-hand with your footwork. When you improve your footwork, your speed and fitness will improve as well. Many times, a player who is considered technically advanced will lose to a player who has better court speed, movement and fitness. This is mainly because if you have these qualities, you can force your opponent to play more shots. Not only will your opponent be more likely to make errors short term, but your opponent will lose stamina over the course of the game, thus leading to even more potential for errors.

It is clear that if you want to be a skilled tennis player, you should take a solid portion of your practice time to leave your racket in your bag and focus on footwork. To improve your footwork, you need to stop running so much on the court. Only run when you are far from the ball and you cannot get to the ball quickly in any other way. Otherwise, use side shuffles and crossover steps for the majority of your movement on the court.

If you start slow with simple footwork exercises and then gradually increase the difficulty level and the speed of execution, you will reach success in no time. Once you’ve got your footwork down, you’ll be a much better tennis player than when you started.

Tips and Tricks for Improving Your Golf Etiquette


Golf etiquette refers to a set of rules and practices designed to make the game of golf safer and more enjoyable for golfers and to minimize possible damage to golf equipment and courses. Although many of these practices are not part of the formal rules of golf, golfers are customarily expected to observe them

Don’t Be The Slowest Player

Play “ready golf” (hit when ready, even if you aren’t away) until you reach the green, be prepared to play when it’s your turn and never search for a lost ball for more than five minutes.

Keep Your Temper Under Control

We all have our moments of frustration, but the trick is to vent in an inoffensive way. I often follow a bad hole by hitting the next tee shot a little harder – for better or worse.

Respect Other People’s Time 

Always make your tee times and show up for your lesson with the pro a little early.

Repair The Ground You Play On

Fix ball marks, replace divots and rake bunkers like you mean it!

Be A Silent Partner

Stand still from the time a player sets himself until the ball has left the club. Never walk in someone’s line of play – the area around the hole is sacred ground. The first thing to note when you walk onto a green is the location of every ball in your group, then steer clear of their lines to the hole.

Make Your Golf Cart Invisible

Leave no trace you were there. Golfers tend to play “follow the leader” and drive in single file. It’s usually better to “scatter” – everyone take a different route – so cart traffic is spread out.

Always Look Your Best

Your appearance speaks volumes about you, and the neatly appointed golfer, like a businessman or someone headed to church, gives the impression he thinks the golf course and the people are special.

Turn Off Your Cell Phone

I don’t know all the gadgets and settings on phones these days, but do whatever you have to do to keep it quiet. If you must make a call, move away from other players and make it brief so you don’t disturb anyone.

Lend A Hand When You Can

It’s easy to help out your fellow players; look for lost balls, watch errant shots, pick up the extra club left on the fringe or the head cover dropped next to the tee, and return it to its owner.

Learn The Little Things

There are a hundred bits of etiquette I haven’t mentioned, like laying the flagstick down carefully, tamping down spike marks, letting faster groups play through, and so on.

Golf has a way of returning favors, and every piece of etiquette you practice will be repaid tenfold.

What to Keep in Mind When Buying New Clubs

Best New Golf ClubsWhen you’re playing a sport, few things are more exciting than getting new equipment. And even though you probably have your favorite clubs, you can’t deny the excitement that comes with getting new ones. Writing for Links, Tom Wishon gives us 10 things to keep in mind when on the hunt.


When it comes to getting a new driver, a good rule of thumb is “the shorter the better”. This is something the pros already know: the average PGA competitor’s driver is 44 ½  inches in length, compared to a manufactured average of 45 inches. Why is this the case? For the simple reason that a longer club makes it harder to hit the ball squarely. Also, go for a closed-angle head because they are least prone to slicing.

Let’s get unconventional! Consider using a 3-wood instead of a driver. It really comes to a question of lft. The difference that some drivers proved is marginal at best. Wishon suggests opting for a 3-5-7 wood combo instead of the more traditional driver-3-5.

Irons and Hybrids

Irons have changed a lot over the years while manufacturers consistently lower the loft in order to get longer distances. These changes, again, prove just a marginal benefit to most golders. 3 and 4 irons just aren’t worth it.

To get around the iron issue, use hybrids. Just be sure to match the hybrid club with the iron it is intended to replace. Also remember that the fairway wood is not a hybrid. Even though hybrids are generally iron replacements, some are very similar to woods. So what do you do? Here’s what Wishon suggests:

“If you sweep shots cleanly off the turf, fairway woods are for you. If you have a steeper   swing (you tend to take divots), you’ll be better off with hybrids.”

Wedges and Putters

When selecting wedges, be mindful of your home course. Depending on the green and sandbunkers, you’re going to want wedges that can best match the style of play you will be most frequently using.

For putters, avoid incorrect length, loft, and lie angle. Anytime one of these are off, it will effect your entire putting game.


You’ll probably see “standard” club lengths, but if you really want to make an impact, note that everyone is different and that there is no “one size fits all” model.

If you play with a high handicap, consider using more custom equipment to help you correct your shortcomings in the game.

Look for falls that will give you the most distance off the tee and nice spin off the wedge.

That’s all for now! What do you suggest looking for in clubs?

Four of America’s Most Beautiful Golf Courses

The U.S. is home to a plethora of golf courses, each more beautiful than the next. The following is a short selection of the most remarkable courses I’ve encountered:

Whistling Straits, Kohler WI

A luxury golf resort in Wisconsin, Whistling Straits is comprised of two 18-hole championship golf courses that many have called the best golf experience in America. The course is constructed besides two miles of uninterrupted shoreline on Lake Michigan, and sports four stone bridges and massive sand dune areas. It has over 1,000 bunkers, and has hosted three P.G.A. championships. The iconic course is reminiscent of the Irish countryside, and is certainly worth the detour.

Augusta National Golf Club, Augusta GA

Augusta National, which hosted the 2015 Masters Tournament, is widely known as the most exclusive golf club in the country. It holds roughly 300 members, guests of whom must stay with them at all times. Women were only allowed as members in 2012. Though the prestige factor is certainly unnerving, Augusta National is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful golf courses in America.

Pebble Beach Golf Club, Pebble Beach Resorts CA

Home to a number of world famous courses including Pebble Beach Golf Links (rated #1 public golf course in America by Golf Digest), Spyglass Hill Golf Course (named one of the toughest golf courses in America), The Links at Spanish Bay and Del Monte Golf Course, Pebble Beach is a must-see for any golfer who appreciates a breathtaking scenery. Pebble Beach Golf Links is particularly well known in the golf world, and was in fact the first public golf course to be selected as No. 1 Golf Course in America by Golf Digest. Don’t miss out on the experience!

Bay Harbor Golf Club, Bay Harbor MI

Bay Harbor Golf Club holds three different courses with a total of 27 holes. It stretches across the coastline for more than a mile with a backdrop of waves and ancient sand dunes. It is well known across the country as one of the most beautiful and diverse courses, and has even been nicknamed the “Pebble Beach of the Midwest.” Its three courses–the Links, the Quarry, and the Preserve–each hold distinct sceneries along the shoreline, through a rock quarry, and across the beautiful forest of Northern Michigan. It is quite a sight to see.


Tips For Fishing With Kids

Taking your children or grandchildren fishing can be a great way to connect as a family. It’s also a fantastic way for your kids to experience nature and learn the art of patience.  

10 Tips for Fishing with Kids

1. Decide on Location – The first step towards a successful fishing trip with your children or grandchildren is deciding on a good location. Ideally, you’d like to go to a place that is well stocked because it increases your chances for actually catching fish! Other things to consider would be how crowded and family friendly it is, and if there are good places for the kids to explore and play in case the fishing loses it’s appeal.

2. Build Anticipation – Before you go, especially if this is your child’s first fishing trip, read a few picture books about fishing to build excitement. You could also mark the date of your family’s fishing trip on a calendar and count down the days until it’s time to go. Tell stories and ask open-ended questions to get them involved in the conversation. For example, “What are you most excited for?” or “What kinds of things do you think we will find on our fishing trip?” 

3. Expectations and Rules – As you are building anticipation for your family outing, you could also take some time throughout the days beforehand to talk about your expectations and rules for safety. Go over them again as you leave to go fishing so that they are fresh in their minds.

4. Go Prepared – Of course, this is an important thing to do with any outing if you have kids. Before you leave, make sure you have plenty of water, sunscreen, and snacks. You might also need something to repel bugs, antibacterial wipes, and a change of clothes. Will you need chairs or a blanket? And don’t forget your fishing gear!

5. Choose Your Bait – The type of bait you use will vary depending on where you are fishing and what you are hoping to catch.. and your child’s interests. For some, a big bucket of worms will be the perfect bait. Not only will you be fishing with them, but they could provide some added entertainment between catches. However, if your child is squeamish, you may want to bring some cheese slices or small bits of hotdog instead.

6. Bring the Bobbers – Lightweight bobbers will help your child notice when they have a bite. This is really useful if your child wants to wander a bit without his pole.

7. Give Them a Job – Giving your child a job can give them something to focus on and look forward to. Young children can hand you bait while older children might be in charge of releasing the fish.

8. Make it Fun – Fishing is a lot of fun when you are getting bite after bite, but it doesn’t always happen that way. Show your children that they can enjoy themselves while waiting for the next fish to bite. You can use the slow times as a chance to talk and explore the nature around you. Catch bugs. Watch your worms. Take a break and have a picnic. You can even make up silly songs to lure the fish to your bait. 

9. Keep it Short – at least in the beginning – If you plan to keep the trip short, then you wont be disappointed or frustrated if the fishing has lost it’s appeal early into the day.  The more often you go with children, the better they will become with the whole process and will understand the importance of longer trips. Just ease them into it. 

10. Practice Responsible Fishing – Talk with your kids about responsible fishing. Talk about why we only keep what we need and release the fish we don’t. Pack up everything you brought with you and ALWAYS leave your spot better than when you found it!


6 Unusual Golf Courses Around The Globe

Golfing holidays have become a popular way to relax and unwind while enabling a healthy dose of the game. Anyone who loves to golf will tell you that a good golfing experience comes with scenic and challenging courses. If you are thinking of taking a vacation where you can find some new courses, you will be pleased to hear that unique and unusual golf courses are popping up at an increasing rate in every country worldwide.


1. Fossil Trace – Colorado, USA

Have you always wanted to golf where the dinosaurs played? Footprints left by dinosaurs on holes 11 through 15, make this former clay mine quite unusual. And when golfing this course, make sure you can clear those boulders. Designer Jim Engh left old rusty pieces of equipment alongside many of the holes.


2. Le Touessrok Golf Course – Port Louis District, Mauritius

If you have ever dreamed of playing in paradise, Le Touessrok is probably exactly what you pictured. Golf World Magazine calls it “A Top 10 Golf Course in the World”. Le Touessrok is an 18-hole course on its own island, across the water from the mainland resort.

El Camaleon

3. El Camaleón at the Fairmont Mayakoba – Quintana Roo, Mexico

Time to take a drop towards the center of the earth if your ball falls into one of the sinkholes that border this course. A unique course, El Camaleon gets its name from the chameleon because of its ever-changing challenges. This course is filled with fairways lined with sand dunes and mangroves, as well as distinctive hazards. These hazards include subterranean caves with names like “The Devil’s Mouth”, as well as beautiful lagoons.

Don Mueang International Airport Golf Course - Bangkok, Thailand

4. Don Mueang International Airport Golf Course – Bangkok, Thailand

Noise cancelling headphones? Check. The owners of this airport decided to capitalize on the extra space and place an 18-hole course right beside the tarmac. Can only imagine how loud it would be to play on this course, but guests seem to love the unique placement.

The Opal Fields Golf Club - South Australia, Australia

5. The Opal Fields Golf Club – South Australia, Australia

Well, this course doesn’t have the outrageous costs one would expect to have to keep a desert course green. That is because they don’t keep it green. This famous 18-hole par-72 course is one big sand trap. The grassless fairways create a lot of roll and the oiled sand greens create a surprisingly smooth putt.


6. Uummannaq Greenland – Qaasuitsup, Greenland

If you find yourself getting a lot of back sweat from the heat on the course, playing on a giant iceberg with an orange ball could be better suited for you. Uummannaq is actually the home of the World Ice Golf Championships! The rules are pretty much the same as your standard game of golf, except you the holes are a little shorter, the cups are larger, and everything is frozen.

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