If you’re a golf player, it’s always fun to get your kids into the sport as well, however, in order for you child to learn to golf correctly, it’s important for them to have the correct tool, or clubs, in this case. Not all golf clubs are made equal, and there are definitely some options that are better for your child than others.


Golphin is a great brand for any child beginning the sportĀ of golf. One perk of these clubs is that they are colorful, which is always appealing to kids. The set includes 4 clubs for the child to become familiar with. The clubs included in this set are a mid-iron, short-iron, driver, and putter. The sweet spot on these clubs is designed to be 35% larger than on regular clubs. This allows your child hit the ball easier. You can buy these clubs based on height and age, as well.

Confidence Junior

Confidence Junior is another great option for your child. The age range for children to start with this set is 4-7, and the clubs are available for either left handed or right handed children. Confidence Junior also includes 4 clubs; a mallet putter, lofted 3-wood, and both a 7 and 9 iron. These clubs feature a larger head size than regular clubs. This set also includes a stand so the child can prop up the bags and clubs.

US Kids Ultralight

The US Kids Ultralight golf clubs include 5 clubs for your child; three irons, a driver, and a mallet putter. They are made for children ranging from 4 to 12 years old. These clubs are designed to be incredibly light so your child can learn how to hit the ball correctly and with speed before moving on to heavier clubs.

Tour Edge HT Max-J Set

The Tour Edge HT Max-J golf clubs come with 5 clubs, and these are designed for children ranging in height from 52 to 60 inches. The clubs included are a driver, a hybrid, two irons, and a putter. These clubs are specially designed to have different kick points. These assist your child in getting the ball more airborne and thus help him or her in getting more distance with the shot.

Wilson Junior Profile

The Wilson Junior Profile complete set offers the largest range of clubs for your child as this set offers 6 different clubs. The specific age range varies between ages 9 and 12, and it comes in different sizes which works to help those of different skill levels.