Fishermen, both novices and seasoned experts, use their love for the sport to fuel their desire to pinpoint the crème de la crème of fishing rods. After all, some say that a fisherman is only as good as his rod. While opinions are inherently subjective, enthusiasts have dubbed the following the “best” fishing rods for freshwater:

Berkley Mud Cat

A catfish rod with meritable qualities and an inexpensive price to boot? Jackpot! Don’t let its jaw-droppingly low fee fool you, for the Berkley Mud Cat offers a raft of commendable features. The stainless-steel guide frames, comfortable grip, and casting capabilities are among a few.

St. Croix Bass X

Expertly crafted and delightfully appealing, the St. Croix Bass X is a clear frontrunner. Beloved for its lightweight features and sensitivity, this aluminum-oxide wonder esteems the masses. If a reliable rod is what is desired, the St. Croix Bass X truly inspires.

Okuma SCT Musky

Calling all Muskie lovers! Rife with ingenuity, this durable delight comes equipped with innovative Spiral Carbon Technology. Praised for its smooth casting, sensible weight, and powerful stature, the Okuma SCT Musky packs a serious punch.

Lew’s Wally Marshall Speed Shooter

Designed with a captivating blue-and-green motif, Lew’s Speed Shooter splendor certainly warrants a double-take. The spiral shape guides, coupled with the IM8 graphite blank make this rod an honorable freshwater companion.

Denali Attax

Agile, robust, and pizzazz are the hallmarks of this Denali masterpiece. Constructed with eight single-foot guides, an IM7 blank, and sound structure, the Denali Attax radiates durability with a dose of sophistication.

13 Fishing Fate Black

Have no fear, a multifaceted fishing rod is here! For those who fancy an all-in-one product, this trusty treasure will do the trick. The fast tip works best for lighter baits while the stout butt makes for simple heavy baitcasting. Honorable mention also goes to the medium-fast blank and sturdy craftsmanship.

Fitzgerald Rods Vursa

A notable standout in the fishing rod community, Fitzgerald rods have long been touted for their estimable products. The Vursa, specifically, is in perfect keeping with this admirable image. Applauded for its fast tip, moderate taper, and industrial-strength components, the Vursa is a force to be reckoned with.

Dobyns Sierra Series

Rich with merit, this 6-foot 9-inch wonder is a treasure trove of Fuji features. The medium-light rod includes Fuji Alconite guides, Fuji reel seats, and is best used for Walleye conquests.