Stephen Geri: Good morning! Another benefit Tuesday. Something to talk about— ACA, President Trump and this congress, when Obama care was about ACA. Remember that 8 years ago when the ACA program was designed, it’s because we had 9 democratic states about to go bankrupt because of Medicaid. So, ACA was a perfect time for 5.4 million Americans in different states to roll into a federal program, and that’s how we got the initial group of people. What we’re after today is to explain that in today’s market place, what congress should do is have one benefit plan, ACA, for Medicaid. Number two, benefit plan for individuals, and then number three, small group 2-50. More will be coming to explain how ACA can be salvaged if you listen to the broker community and how we can implement this.

Thank you again from Diversified,

-Stephen Geri