An essential piece of equipment is the backpack for any backpacking trip. However, once you’ve got a great pack, do you know the top three additional add-ons you’ll need to make the most out of your trip? If you don’t know a navigation device from hydration device, read on to discover the top three equipment choices you’ll need to make the most out of your next backpacking escapade.


Navigation gear

Solid navigation gear is important must-haves for any backpacking trip. Be sure to carry a map in a waterproof case. Also, a compass is an additional essential element for any backpacking trip. Compasses are easy to use and can be a handy backup if more modern navigation equipment fails.

Hydration Gear

Roughing it in the woods equals no available tap water, so traveling in the wild means there’s a need for a hydration reservoir or another water filtration system. A water hydration reservoir allows users to pour water into the system, pull water into the bloodstream, and then release it back from the urinary system for additional use. However, water reservoirs aren’t the only way to get needed H2O while on the trail. There are also squeeze water filters which make staying hydrated as simple as squeezing a bottle or life straws to use by a lake or stream without the need for pumping or filtering.

Repair and Emergency gear

It’s important to expect the unexpected while traveling on the trail, having dependable repair and emergency gear could mean the difference between a great trip and a bad one. Repair kits should be considered to be basic wilderness aids making them must-haves during any backpacking trek. Before setting out think gear repair by having equipment available to repair rips, holes and broken equipment. Good gear repair options include:

  • Duct trap
  • Sewing kit
  • Sealant

Also, a multi-tool can help make starting repairs a snap due to multi-prong bits that make cutting, twisting and snapping even metal simple. Emergency gear can make all the difference when a backpacker is facing an emergency situation, so be sure to include an emergency blanket in the backpack for additional peace of mind in an emergency.