If you love fresh air and the great outdoors but find yourself getting stuck inside your stuffy home, don’t worry. There are plenty of ways you can add time outside into your daily routine. Whether you have just a simple 15 minutes, or extended hours to spend outside, you’ll find yourself happily enjoying the time you spend outdoors.

Take a Walk

The average person can walk a mile in under 20 minutes. Even a 15 minute walk can make a difference in your health, and benefit your life. A brisk walk can get your heart pumping and increase blood flow and oxygen to your brain. Walking is great for your health and a way to get yourself motivated and function with higher productivity. Get in your cardio while you get outside at the same time.

Adding a short walk into your daily routine can reduce your stress and anxiety, while increasing your mood and happiness. If you get bored with the same walking path, switch things up. Go for a walk at a local park, take a walk around your neighborhood or find a nature trail. Walking is a great way to spend time outside.

Go to a Park

Parks are a great place to go and spend time outside. There are so many different activities you can do while you’re there. Parks have benches that you can sit and relax on. You can take your children or even grandchildren to the playground. Some parks have ponds that you can walk around, and ducks to feed too. Parks offer beautiful scenery and allow you to enjoy the fresh air. Fall is one of the best seasons to go to the park because the weather is nice and the trees are changing color.

Plan a Picnic

Whether it’s with your family, a friend, or a special someone, having a picnic is a fun activity to get you outside with something fun to do. Picnics are easy to plan and give you a good experience to create memories from. If you want to get outside and enjoy beautiful weather and great food, plan a picnic!

Develop an Outdoor Hobby

There are plenty of things to do outdoors that you can turn into a hobby. Some people enjoy the hobby of running outside. Outdoor sports such as tennis or golf are great too. Hiking, fishing, and biking are also other great options. Find something you can see yourself enjoying outside and make a hobby out of it.

Stephen Geri absolutely enjoys his outdoor hobbies. When he’s not in his office working on creating customized insurance plans and benefit packages for his clients, you can find him on the golf course, tennis courts, out on a boat, or even fishing. To read more about Stephen’s hobbies, check out his blog page on StephenGeri.net