Choosing a new tennis racket can feel like an arduous process. With everyone talking about all the new advancements in the technology of the racket, how do does one go about choosing a racket that is best for themselves? It can be a tough decision to make considering it will undoubtedly have an effect on performance. We’ve outlined the best rackets out on the market for different levels of experience to make the decision-making process easier.

Wilson BLX Four 105

The Wilson BLX was designed for beginners and intermediate players who want maximum power and spin. It has a Hammer Weighing system that distributes the weight making it heavier at the head, resulting in a lighter handle for easier playing. This Hammer Weighing system also provides some weight to the ball allowing for more stable shots and power exertion. The head is 105 square inches giving this racket a large sweet spot to deliver more specific shots with ease. Players will get extreme depth and control with the BLX Four. It is perfect for the player with a low to medium pace throughout the game.


HEAD is one of the best companies for producing top-quality rackets. The HEAD Ti S6 sports a construction of titanium and graphite. This will give a player with short and compact swings a racket with great power and durability. The grip provides comfort during the game and as a result, has very low vibration. HEAD Titanium S6 is best for beginners with a slow to medium swing and who favor a large sweet spot.

Babolat Pure Drive

The sweet spot of the Babolat Pure Drive is moved closer towards the top of the racquet, giving the player an extra power boost. Adding to that is the Frame String Interaction Technology which is designed to bring more feel to each shot made by the player. The tight drill spacing provides the player with enhanced control and better shot consistency. This racket features a unique elliptical shape that is designed to give resistance to excess torque and flexing. For added power, the Babolat Pure Drive features an EVO beam with a thicker frame that allows for more powerful shots. This racket is best suited for intermediate to advanced players.