Stephen Geri

More Than Insurance

Stephen Geri is the founder of Diversified Employee Benefit Services, LLC. (DEBS) and currently serves as Managing General Agent. Located in San Antonio, Texas, DEBS insurance is a professional and experienced  team that strongly believes in providing companies and employees with quality medical benefits. Stephen has been licensed in this field since 1969 and has nearly 50 years of experience in this industry. Dedicated to his career, Stephen says that employee benefits are about design, implementation, and service being at the forefront in order to best help clients navigate employee benefits that best fit their needs.

Stephen Geri once gave an interview for IdeaMensch that best provides his day-to-day ideas as an entrepreneur in the insurance industry and what made him so successful! Everyday, Stephen goes to his office with the purpose of improving employee benefits across the nation! He is even able to give back to his local community in San Antonio, providing grants and opportunities for underprivileged families to apply for life savings prescriptions they may not have been able to afford otherwise. To Stephen, being a successful entrepreneur is all about giving back!

When he’s not at the office creating customized health insurance and benefits packages for his clients, Stephen is an avid outdoorsman, golfer, tennis player, fisherman and boating enthusiast. You can find more details about his passions outside of his career across this blog and his other websites.

 Lifelong Athlete

Stephen has been an athlete for as long as he could walk on two feet.  In his youth, baseball was Stephen’s sport of choice. While he eventually transitioned to playing other sports later in life, he still enjoys keeping up with the MLB and will always have a deep-seated love of America’s pastime.

After spending his early years playing baseball, Stephen Geri became a serious tennis player in the 1970s.  His aggressive style of play allowed him to quickly rise to the semi-professional level.  Rising as high as number 8 in the United States in 5.5 Tennis. Unfortunately, Stephen’s promising tennis career was cut short by an injury.  After recovering from his tennis injury, Stephen quickly picked up a new sport that he still plays to this day: golf. Although golf is now Stephen’s go-to choice, he does enjoy a tennis match from time to time.

With years of baseball and tennis experience and an intrinsic hand-eye coordination, Stephen Geri became a natural golfer.  After years of honing his game, golf is Stephen’s pastime of choice. One of the few sports you can play alone, Stephen has always relished the challenge of facing off against himself and against the course itself.  Even when Stephen plays with friends and colleagues, the real competition is internal; against the landscape. He sees the game as an equalizer, pitting skill against skill, regardless of braun or brute strength. As a native Texan, Stephen follows fellow Texans and PGA golfers Jimmy Walker and Jordan Spieth, among others.

When he’s not working to help his clientele with benefits and health insurance, it’s a safe bet Stephen Geri is enjoying 18 holes or keeping up on the latest golf matches happening nationwide.

Hobbies and Interests

Outside of his highly demanding career and sports play, Stephen is an adventurous outdoorsman. He’s been an avid fisherman for his entire life, from his childhood spending his earlier years fishing the coast of Houston for trout and flounder, to now getting the enjoyment of teaching his grandchildren to fish, Stephen loves throwing his line in the water.

A day spent on the water is a day well spent in his mind. Stephen began bass fishing when he relocated to San Antonio for a business opportunity. There are so many great locations in the San Antonio area for bass fishing, with the easy access to numerous lakes and riverways.

This area in Texas also provides the perfect fishing weather, and generally makes it enjoyable outdoors. From stocked trout locations to Texas parks, you can catch some monster fish in this location of the world. Fishing is not only a great way to pass the time, but Stephen says it’s a great way to catch dinner!

In addition to fishing, Stephen Geri loves to take the family camping. Since he became a grandfather, sharing his hobbies with his grandchildren has been one of his favorite things to do.

Camping teaches you a lot about nature, but also teaches you a lot about yourself. One can learn general survival skills in the great outdoors, but also learn how to understand themselves better. Stephen believes everyone can enjoy camping. From learning how to build a fire to enjoying a nice cooked meal together in the great outdoors, it’s a different way to view the world. Stephen and his family enjoy taking camping trips throughout Texas!

You wouldn’t be able to tell this by looking at him, but Stephen enjoys playing ping pong on occasion, and also loves to join Karen in their garden planting flowers.

Family Man

Stephen Geri absolutely adores his family. He takes pride in his grandchildren and does his best to be involved in their activities including saxophone concerts, school functions, and more. Stephen has three grandchildren: two boys and one girl. On Stephen’s family photos page, you can see just how much fun him and his family have together on all of their adventures.

Stephen’s oldest grandson graduated class of 2018 with a full music scholarship for playing the Saxaphone and will be attending Howard Payne University Recently, as a graduation present, Stephen gifted his grandson with a new car as he heads off to his freshman year of college.

Stephen spends a lot of time with his grandchildren and loves to share all about it. From fishing and camping to celebrating holidays and birthdays, family time is beyond precious to Stephen.

Life In San Antonio

Stephen Geri resides in the greater area of San Antonio, Texas– a major city within the state. This bustling city is known for its rich heritage, and the battle of the Alamo when Texas gained independence from Mexico in 1863. Today, it’s a major attraction to tourists looking to enjoy all that the city has to offer. From local cafes and shops along the riverwalk to adventurous theme parks, San Antonio has something for everyone.

San Antonio, Texas is the 8th largest city in the United States, sitting just 140 miles from the Gulf of Mexico. Some even say that this destination is “every Texan’s favorite city”. One of the most attractive features of this city is the riverwalk, with one of the most picturesque areas in all of the country. The city even hosts fun festivals and entertainment along the riverwalk that attracts locals and tourists alike.

While Stephen has a true passion for his city, and even writes about it on his website, he also has the enjoyment of traveling all over the country for his business. With DEBS insurance, Stephen often goes on business trips. Among all of his travel, Stephen always finds enjoyment in returning home to his city.

Stephen and His Pets

Recently, Stephen Geri and Karen adopted Labradoodle puppies. JJ, their red colored Doodle is a mix between an Australian Lab and an American Poodle and has distinguished red-colored fur. Their second puppy, just two weeks younger than JJ is Mo, another Labradoodle, with brown fur.

Both JJ and Mo are female puppies that Stephen trained since he adopted them. He taught them to be potty trained by taking them outside every 30-45 minutes and giving them a treat if they went to the bathroom outside. JJ and Mo were taught their nighttime routine by Stephen. They both sleep in a large metal crate of their own with bedding, towels, and a toy of their choice.  

Last fall in 2017, Stephen had JJ and Mo go through training to become certified therapy dogs. In their training, they learned to climb objects, jump over objects, run under objects, sit, stay, walk behind with a leash, and other training needs for them to be obedient.

Being therapy dogs, JJ and Mo are allowed to go into the DEBS office with Stephen. The employees love them, and it helps Karen remain calm having her pups around, in the stressful environment that an office can be!

The two have very different personalities, JJ being fun and energetic, curiously checking out what’s in her surroundings. Mo on the other hand is a little more calm but can hold her ground if JJ gets too crazy.

Although the Labradoodle breed is known for being expensive, Stephen Geri says this breed is worth every penny. He loves his dogs dearly!

Stephen’s Local Community

Born and raised a Catholic, Stephen is very dedicated to, and involved in his church. He attends St. Francis of Assisi located in San Antonio, Texas. Through his church and ACTS Missions, Stephen participates in volunteering with veterans, funds weddings and funds retreats held by the church too.

Stephen believes in giving back to his community in many ways. He’s involved with Girl Scouts of America, REAP, and other charities and organizations in the greater San Antonio area.

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